MultiBand Multiband Mast LTE

MultiBand Multiband Mast LTE

Multiband Mast 3G/4G Multi-Band Hi-Gain Mast Antenna

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4G-LTE compatible. Omnidirectional Multi-Band Hi-Gain Mast Antenna: Omnidirectional -9db gain, 694-806MHz, 806-939MHz, 1850-1990Mhz, 2100MHz, N female, 29 in. length, 1 in diameter. Multi-band fiberglass antenna receives Cellular 3G and 4G signals on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. This antenna, with 9dBi gain, can be used where outside signal is moderate to weak. Ask about custom packaged assemblies including brackets, jumpers, lightning suppression, and transmission line.


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