Sierra Wireless Sierra Wireless AirVantage™ M2M Cloud

Sierra Wireless Sierra Wireless AirVantage™ M2M Cloud

AirVantage is available in two components: Management is a device management application that simplifies and scales operations, while Enterprise provides easy access to machine data using cloud API standards for accelerated M2M development.

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Sierra Wireless AirVantage™ M2M Cloud

The AirVantage M2M Cloud is the simplest and most scalable way of securely connecting people and enterprise systems with machine data, enabling innovation in products, services, and revenue streams. With AirVantage, M2M solutions can now be rolled out much faster than before and cost significantly less to develop, operate and scale, making managing a million wireless devices as easy as ten.

The diagram below shows the AirVantage M2M Cloud collecting and transmitting data from connected devices and delivering valuable M2M information to the enterprise.

AirVantage™ M2M Cloud

AirVantage M2M Cloud Benefits

AirVantage Management Service How-To Video Series

Sierra Wireless provides training to AirLink customers on how to build an end-to-end M2M solution using ALEOS™ Application Framework and the AirVantage M2M Cloud.


1. Registering your AirLink® Device with AirVantage Management Service
The first step in using AirVantage Management Service is to make your devices known to the service. This video walks you through the registration process for an AirLink device.


2. Monitoring and configuring your AirLink device from AirVantage 
Once registered you can use AirVantage to monitor and configure your device remotely. This video walks you through the basic monitoring setup and ALEOS configuration capabilities.


3. Managing a large number of devices
AirVantage is designed to help you manage thousands of devices easily. This video walks you through using filters, labels and sorting as tools to manage your large deployments.


4. Advanced monitoring
AirVantage allows you to retrieve detailed information from your AirLink gateway. This video walks you through using reports to retrieve ALEOS status parameters from your Gateway and how to use the scheduling functionality to automate this data retrieval. 


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