Cellular Essentials

RealTime Ops offers a variety of antenna and accessories to support cellular, WiFi, and GPS connectivity. Below we've featured some of the most popular devices from our world-class device partners. If you're in need of a specific piece of a equipment that is not not featured below, please contact us to learn about our complete offerings.

Poynting LPDA Distributor | Log Periodic Antenna

LPDA Antennas

Poynting XPOL Distributor | Cross-Polarized Antennas

XPOL Antennas

Poynting OMNI Distributor | Marine Antennas

OMNI Marine Antennas

Mobile Mark LTM Antenna Distributor

LTM Series Antennas

Mobile Mark LWM Antenna Distributor

LMW Series Antennas

Mobile Mark WLF Antenna Distributor

WLF Series Antennas

AirLink Distributor | Dome Antennas

AirLink® Antennas

AirLink Distributor | Mounting Kits and Brackets

AirLink® Accessories

AirLink Distributor | ALMS Licenses

AirLink® Software

Cradlepoint Distributor | Modular Modems

Modular Modems

Cradlepoint Distributor | Router Accessories

Router Accessories

Cradlepoint Distributor | NetCloud Licenses

NetCloud Licenses

Digi Distributor | Modular Modems

Modular Modems

Digi Distributor | Router Accessories

Router Accessories

Digi Distributor | Digi Remote Manager Licenses

DRM Licenses


FlexEdge™ Sleds


FlexEdge™ Modules


SixNet Accessories

Custom Jumper Cable Assemblies

Jumper Cable Assemblies

Custom Lightning Arrestors and Suppressors

Lightning Arrestors

Custom NEMA Enclosures

NEMA Enclosures

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