Retail Failover Continuity Planning | RTO Industry Solutions

Retail Failover Solutions

Retail outlets like grocery stores depend upon continuous internet access to successfully operate their businesses. Corporations can value the revenue lost due to internet outages down to the hour and the minute. Single locations can lose anywhere from $500 to $5,600 an hour. With loses that staggering, store managers need business continuity solutions. Read more…

School Bus WiFi for Distance Learning

School Bus WiFi

According to the Associated Press, 18% of US students do not have access to broadband internet and 17% do not have access to computers at home. While some homes have broadband internet, increases to the home workforce have significantly slowed data rates. Many school districts recently obtained laptops for students who didn’t have one, but now they need to get… Read more…

Fleet Connectivity for Bus Transit Agencies

Bus Transit Vehicle Connectivity

Public and private transit agencies manage hundreds of vehicles deployed across wide geographic regions. The success of managing these fleets is dependent upon reliable mobile communications solutions. Management teams need visibility regarding what’s going on in the field. Buses need to be able to securely collect fares, access CAD/AVL data, upload camera logs… Read more…


Law Enforcement Vehicle Networking

Police departments and law enforcement agencies deploy dozens to hundreds of fleet vehicles throughout their various jurisdictions. Effectively managing these vehicles and the personnel they contain is impossible without expert fleet connectivity solutions. Whether deployed on routine patrols, to provide event security, or respond to emergency calls, the ability to… Read more…


Mobile Command Center Networking

Police departments, law enforcement agencies, and rescue organizations strategically deploy mobile command vehicles to areas and events in need of high levels of resource coordination. These vehicles are rarely deployed for routine operations, most commonly utilized when large scale efforts are required. Maintaining reliable and secure… Read more…

Intelligent Traffic Management

Intelligent Traffic Lights

An OEM that manufactures traffic control devices and hardened housings reached out to RTO to help them fulfill the requirements of a project they were working on for one of their large Department of Transportation clients. Their client was using outdated traffic controllers of the preprogrammed and autonomous variety. Such devices require manual updates… Read more

Maritime LTE Applications

Maritime LTE Applications

Common and costly satellite connectivity options are failing to keep up with the newest strategies for maritime logistics, IoT technologies, and cloud management capabilities. Ocean logistics companies are looking for LTE solutions capable of providing secure, flexible and scalable networking for their sea-bound enterprises. Read more…

4G Connectivity for Toll Road Authorities

Toll Road 4G Connectivity

Many American highways run through mountain ranges, rolling deserts, empty plains, and other remote areas with a lack of reliable cellular coverage. Many toll collection facilities still operate on legacy 2G and 3G cellular devices, As older networks are taken off-line, those outdated devices need to replaced – and soon. Read more…

Guest WiFi for Visitor Centers

Visitor Center Public WiFi

Visitor centers help generate local and state revenues by providing guests with information about nearby attractions. Many of these visitor and information centers are in regions with poor cellular reception. Because of this, state and local governments are looking to provide free WiFi to all visitors to improve guest experiences. Read more…

Remote Pipeline Management

Remote Pipeline Management

Pipelines that transport oil and liquefied natural gas are often located in remote and extremely challenging locations. To stay connected to pipelines at various critical junctions in the field, organizations need reliable communications devices and specialized antenna assemblies to boost signal strength within fringe network coverage areas. Read more…