RealTime Ops Privacy Policy

We are committed to respecting your privacy! In keeping with that commitment, we are providing you with details of what we collect and the steps we take to protect your privacy. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

Your information will not be sold, rented, disclosed, or loaned. Any information you provide will be used in conducting business with you, and to ensure you have the fastest and best possible experience. Every employee of RealTime Ops is under strict non-disclosure policies, and will not share you information with an outside party that you have non consented to.

You may expect technical issues which our customer service may discuss with suppliers. We do this to address your issues quickly and to mitigate future issues. These discussions are also protected by non-disclosure agreements, and will only be had with suppliers and manufacturers who have complied with our Non-Disclosure policy and signed the appropriate NDA (non-disclosure agreement) documents.

We also contract with third parties, such as Google, to provide us with search engine leads and data collection reports. These reports may track customers' activities on our site in order to track and measure performance of our marketing efforts. These third parties may use cookies and may receive anonymous information about your browsing and buying activity on this Site. None of your personally identifiable information (such as your name, address, email address, credit card number, etc.) will be received by or shared with these third parties.

You are automatically placed on our mailing list when you submit an application. In addition to receiving our mailings, you may also receive special offers from time-to-time from RealTime Ops. To remove your name from our mailing list, please submit your email address to our mailing list removal page.

Your ordering information is stored on an encrypted site and secured server, and at a secured facility. To process and ship your order, we need your name, phone number, billing address, shipping address, and e-mail address. This information is stored on our secure servers to allow us to process subsequent orders more quickly.

We respect your right to privacy, and we want to earn your trust and future business!