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M2M Wireless Industrial Solutions Advisor

RealTime Ops resellers depend on us to explain to them the new and innovative solutions that allow them to differentiate themselves from their competitors. When you partner with RTO, we provide not only the leading edge wireless technologies but also valuable industry knowledge and invaluable information that you can resend and distribute to your end users.

Fire And EMS Industry Markets
Fire And EMS Wireless Industry Solutions

Fire trucks and emergency vehicles are a perfect example of a harsh and demanding mobile environment that is in need of reliable cellular data communications and connections. Our wireless gateways

Public Transportation Industry Markets
Public Transportation Wireless Industry Solutions

Wireless communication solutions enable efficient transit facility management and provide advanced network access to on-board vehicle systems and passengers. We offer the most comprehensive line of wi

Law Enforcement Industry Markets
Law Enforcement Wireless Industry Solutions

Police Officers require round the clock, real-time access to a large quantity of records and back-end databases (NCIC, DMV, mug shots, etc.). Hundreds of municipal, state, and federal law enforcement

Utilities Industry Markets
Utilities Wireless Industry Solutions

Utility companies are obligated to provide superior service to their energy customers. Inefficiencies in measuring and distributing energy have improved dramatically through the use of Smart Grid tech

Waste Management Industry Markets
Waste Management Wireless Industry Solutions

The waste management industry has become a very large and complex business. Waste management companies cover very large geographic areas serving thousands of residential and business customers. By int

Digital Signage Industry Markets
Digital Signage Wireless Industry Solutions

Organizations are deploying wireless solutions and M2M service applications to allow fast, cost-effective deployment to locations where fixed line costs are too high, and reliably connects sensors and

Kiosk Industry Markets
Kiosk Wireless Industry Solutions

Operating from an unattended kiosk is a great way to keep deployment and operating costs down - assuming you don't have to spend a fortune to set up a network. You need reliable network connectivity f

Train And Rail Industry Markets
Train And Rail Wireless Industry Solutions

Railways have seen a tremendous increase in focus in recent years, driven primarily by government funding of requirements for technology overhauls relative to safety, efficiency of infrastructure and

Banking Industry Markets
Banking Wireless Industry Solutions

In the financial services industry, network downtime is unacceptable at any level. You might think you don't have to worry about it with 99.95+% T1 connectivity. But if you're not at 100%, you're at r

Waste Water Industry Markets
Waste Water Wireless Industry Solutions

Whether you are an IT decision-maker, a system integrator, or consulting engineer in waste water operations, your success depends on your ability to support continuous, reliable operations of every co

Oil And Gas Industry Markets
Oil And Gas Wireless Industry Solutions

From exploration to production and distribution, wireless data communications impact every aspect of operations in the oil and gas industry. At stake is the ability to work without system interruption

New Construction Industry Markets
New Construction Wireless Industry Solutions

Construction owners of excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers and other construction and mining equipment increasingly are using electronic devices for remote monitoring of how those machines are being u

Vending And POS Industry Markets
Vending And POS Wireless Industry Solutions

The demand for wirelessly enabled electronic point-of-sale terminals, ATMs, kiosks/vending machines and digital signs has grown as retailers compete to place devices in as many locations as possible,

Solar Power Industry Markets
Solar Power Wireless Industry Solutions

RealTime Ops offers simple, end-to-end, communication solutions for remote monitoring and management of deployed solar and wind assets. Our broad array of wireless M2M devices mean that you can provid

Healthcare Industry Markets
Healthcare Wireless Industry Solutions

New technologies for health information transfer enables patients and caregivers to connect with ease, ultimately improving the quality and efficiency of care. Wireless cellular technology ensures a h

Wind Energy Industry Markets
Wind Energy Wireless Industry Solutions

Throughout the world, green energy technology is providing a means for more efficient and reliable power delivery, encouraging the use of renewable and clean sources, like wind, and creating more ener

Commercial Security Industry Markets
Commercial Security Wireless Industry Solutions

In today's security-conscious world, video monitoring is becoming widespread. Whether, as a deterrent to criminal activity, a way to collect visual evidence or simply a means to monitor remote assets,

Video Surveillance Industry Markets
Video Surveillance Wireless Industry Solutions

Increased concern over security threats, the need to lower public security costs, and demand for more effective premise access controls are driving the market for security solutions. When traditional

Fleet Management Industry Markets
Fleet Management Wireless Industry Solutions

Fleet owners and transportation infrastructure managers demand wireless solutions that are open, secure and scalable to enable cost-effective communications, location and tracking of assets, and deplo

Networking Industry Markets
Networking Wireless Industry Solutions

Cellular broadband networks have become a viable option in situations where hardwire connections are inconvenient or costly to provision. In addition, the benefits of 4G and LTE are significant, and a

Field Service Industry Markets
Field Service Wireless Industry Solutions

Public safety organizations, utilities, and service companies supporting mobile field workers are increasingly deploying wireless applications to enhance their efficiency. These mobile solutions deman