Fire And EMS M2M Industry Solutions

Fire And EMS M2M Industry Solutions

Fire trucks and emergency vehicles are a perfect example of a harsh and demanding mobile environment that is in need of reliable cellular data communications and connections.

Our wireless gateways and routers provide a rugged, reliable connection for 2G/3G/4G mobile cellular data and location services. By integrating a wireless cellular device with dispatch systems and routing/AVL software fire departments can optimize response times and stay fully connected to first responders at all times.

By leveraging an optional WiFi access point or GPS location services, first responders can setup a communications hub around a incident to enable all communications devices with data access.

Today's emergency medical vehicles are mobile extensions of the hospital and are required to have the same access to vital patient data. Wireless gateways and routers can create a communications hub within an ambulance, enabling the EMS team to work on the patient en-route to the hospital, while communicating with doctors and nurses.

Fire crews can now track in real-time all the movements of their crew on scene and be able to correspond and cooperate with their home locations to determine the best case scenarios for their team so they can save more lives and put out more fires faster.

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